MINA - Harmonious wine of Merlot. Dark ruby color, produced using family recipes.
- Best served: 12 - 17°C. Served with roasted meat, smoked ham, and full-fat cheeses and with fruits.

ZAVIČAJ (Homeland) - Wine of Riesling and Sauvignon. Dry white wine, yellow color, full of flavor, and easy to drink.
- Best served: 12 - 18°C. It is recommended to consume with cold and hot appetizers.

EMA - Tamjanika, bright golden color with reflections, crystal clarity pleasant smell, exudes freshness. The taste is harmonious moderate fullness.
- Best served: 9 - 11°C. Served with veal, fish, seafood, whitemeat and pasta.

OGNJIŠTE (Fireplace) - Wine of Merlot and Prokupac. Dry red wine with a pleasant taste and smell.
- Best served: 12 - 15°C. Served with cheeses, venison, white and red meat, roasted or braised, barbecue etc...

ROSA (Dew) - Dry pink wine of Prokupac and Hamburg. Characterized by its pink color, very smooth and soft to taste.
- Best served: 10 - 14°C. It is served with white meat, veal, fish and shellfish.